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Version: 1.0

Designer Tips and Tricks


Please try Nussknacker demo to quickly understand how to move around Nussknacker Designer and create a simple scenario.

Tips and Tricks

While Designer GUI in most cases is self explanatory and forgiving, there are a few features which may be not so obvious to guess:

  • Scenario name change- click Properties icon in the scenario panel, enter the name, click OK, click Save icon to save the scenario.
  • Selecting nodes - use Shift button and left mouse button to select nodes. If you expand the selection area rightward, you need to fully mark node icons; alternatively you can mark node icons partially if you expand the selection area leftward.
  • Copy & paste - you can copy and paste selected nodes; just ensure that your browser has access to the clipboard for the Nussknacker site you use.
  • Panels in the Designer - there are several panels on the left and right side of the scenario authoring canvass. You can move these panels and collapse them. You can always restore default layout using "reset" button in the View panel.
  • Scenario versioning - whenever a scenario is saved, a new version is created. You can revert to the older version of the scenario (see Versions panel). Adding comments when saving a scenario may help to find the right version.
  • Deleting a scenario - scenarios can be archived and unarchived, they are never completely deleted.
  • Inserting a node into the flow - you can drop a node on the edge connecting nodes and Designer will fit it into the flow.