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Version: 1.0

Deployment manager configuration

Configuration of Deployment Manager, which is responsible for communication with scenario Executor (e.g. FLink). Type of Deployment Manager is defined with type parameter, e.g. for running scenarios with Flink streaming job we would configure:

deploymentConfig {     
type: "flinkStreaming"
restUrl: "http://localhost:8081"

flinkStreaming Deployment Manager has following configuration options:

ParameterTypeDefault valueDescription
restUrlstringThe only required parameter, REST API endpoint of the Flink cluster
jobManagerTimeoutduration1 minuteTimeout for communication with FLink cluster. Consider extending if e.g. you have long savepoint times etc.
shouldVerifyBeforeDeploybooleantrueBy default, before redeployment of scenario with state from savepoint, verification of savepoint compatibility is performed. There are some cases when it can be too time consuming or not possible. Use this flag to disable it.
queryableStateProxyUrlstringSome Nussknacker extensions require access to Flink queryable state. This should be comma separated list of host:port addresses of queryable state proxies of all taskmanagers in the cluster